Working to preserve and protect our natural resources.

As farmers, we know that safeguarding the environment is essential to protecting and preserving natural resources for future generations. Throughout our daily responsibilities, Christensen Farms employs sustainable practices to reduce waste, minimize our environmental footprint, and increase efficient resource use. We support industry efforts to further environmental stewardship, and we continually seek ways to improve the sustainability metrics of our operations.

Our Environmental Policy

The Christensen Farms team is committed to and takes pride in being an industry leader in responsibly producing high quality pork to feed the growing world population. We direct companywide environmental management systems with a holistic perspective, acknowledging that the political, social, legal and economic aspects of matters are as important as those pertaining to science and technology. Christensen Farms provides continuous environmental stewardship to our stakeholders by delivering value in products, sound agronomic advice, complete regulatory compliance, and by identifying and responding to community values.