Bob Christensen and the founding of Christensen Farms.

Some of the world’s most successful companies grew from humble beginnings, powered by intense drive and a commitment to excellence. Christensen Farms began much the same way.

Our founder, Bob Christensen’s passion for livestock production was sparked at a young age while participating in FFA. To encourage Bob’s entrepreneurial aspirations, a neighbor gave Bob and his brother Lynn two bred gilts in 1974. That year, Bob and Lynn started Christensen Farms. Bob was only 13 years old.

From the beginning, Bob was an industry visionary combining creativity, an innate business sense and hard work to build one of the largest family-owned pork production operations in the country. He was a pioneer in livestock production practices – leading the way in regard to animal housing, genetics, nutrition, nutrient management, and many other forward-thinking activities now standard in the industry. Under Bob’s leadership the company expanded by building and acquiring swine production facilities, feed mills and a pork processing and packing facility, Triumph Foods in St. Joseph, Missouri. By realizing his vision for an integrated system – from farm to fork – Bob established Christensen Farms as a sustainable pork production operation.

Bob was an industry leader and an industry legend. In our daily work, we honor his legacy with visionary thinking, ethical actions and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Throughout his career and posthumously, Bob was recognized for his countless contributions to our industry and agriculture education programs. His awards include: