Recognizing and honoring exceptional individuals and teams.

We value our employees and honor those who exemplify our mission and values. For those employees who go the extra mile to help us, and our partners succeed, Christensen Farms presents two annual awards.

   The Bob Christensen Award for Excellence

   The Christensen Farms Award for Excellence

The purpose of these two awards is to identify and recognize individuals and teams in each region throughout the organization, who strive to live our mission and values every day. These individuals perform at the highest level, consistently exceeding expectations and fully engaging in our business, demonstrating leadership regardless of their roles.


The Bob Christensen Award for Excellence

Adam Dietz, Senior Financial Analyst
Glenn Stolt, Chief Executive Officer
Jeff Rusch, VP of Production
JoDee Haala, Director of Animal Well-being

Kirk Brincks, Director of Asset Management
Mike Eisenmenger, Health Services
Ron Schoo, Director of Marketing

The Christensen Farms Award for Excellence (Individuals)

Alejandro Araya, Flow Manager

Angela Jensen, Executive Administrative Assistant

Becca Trebesch, Benefits & Payroll Administrative Assistant

Brandon “Giff” Gifford, Flow Manager

Chris Schmitz, Regional Asset Coordinator

Daresa Stenzel, Production Manager

Jackie Petermann, Accounting Supervisor

Jacque Heiderscheidt, Feed Mill Administrative Manager

Jake Jones, Research Farm Manager

Janice Milliard, Benefits & Payroll Manager

Jennifer Sauer, Marketing Coordinator

Julie Lilleodden, Payroll Administrator

Kelsey Seidl, Talent Acquisition Recruiter

Kenny Cummins, M5 Farm Manager

Kevin Pals, Flow Manager

Les Craighton, Grow Finish Service Manager

Mark Oldenburg, Nursery Animal Caretaker

Mike “Pugs” Hansen, Grow Finish Service Manager

Nancy ArndtContracts Admin Assistant

Paul Cline, Research Manager

Ross Wittman, M&R Branch Manager

Ryan Domeier, Sr. Construction Site Supervisor

Sean Stocker, Director of Business Development & Production

Terry Wordekemper, Flow Manager

Tony Guenther, C23 Farm Manager


The Christensen Farms Award for Excellence (Teams)

209/213 Team (Doran Dahle, Jacque Heiderscheidt, Christin Ryer and Jill Hulke)

Benefits & Payroll Team  (Janice Milliard, Vicki Larson, Julie Lilleodden and Becca Trebesch)

Feed Order Department (Jacque Heiderscheidt, Becca Pierson, Danielle Burger, Megan Meier, Sarah Krueger and Shelby Jensen)

M5 Team (Kenny Cummins, Andrea Lindsey, Jamie Goodwin, Anthony Poorman, Scott Rhoads, Malissa Hess, Taylor Mauer, Jake Cummins and Don Reynolds)

Talent Acquisition Team (Tim Fossen, Jake Matter, Kelsey Seidl, Lucinda Noronha and Alison Fromm)