Supporting the places where we live, learn, work and play.

Christensen Farms is committed to strengthening our local communities through companywide and individual investments. Across the Upper Midwest, we provide jobs, tax revenue and support to local businesses. We participate in a variety of events, programs and initiatives that help make our communities better places to live, work and play. Many of our employees are active volunteers, devoting their personal time to make a difference in the lives of others. They work with students through programs such as Junior Achievement, serve on local volunteer fire departments, coach youth athletic teams and participate in youth agriculture education.

Within our communities, we support programs such as 4-H and FFA to honor the legacy of our founder, Bob Christensen. These programs reflect his passion for continuous improvement and innovation in the agriculture industry.

As a strong advocate of agriculture education, we support major ag education institutions, such as the University of Minnesota, Iowa State University and South Dakota State University.

In addition, Christensen Farms was a key contributor to the Miracle of Birthing Center at the Minnesota State Fair in 2006 and the Paul R. Knapp Animals Learning Center at the Iowa State Fair in 2007. Both of these popular exhibits feature live births of various species including cows, sows, nanny goats, and ewes and include informative presentations to educate the public on modern livestock production.

We carefully review requests for support focused on agricultural awareness and education, public safety within our communities, and veteran’s programs. To apply, send a  Request for Support Submission Form

Request for Support

The Christensen Farms Team is proud to be committed to supporting Agriculture Education & Awareness initiatives, Public Safety within our communities and Veterans’ programs. With a keen focus on tangible and positive outcomes within the communities we operate in, all requests received with a direct link to the areas of focus listed above are carefully reviewed and considered by our organization.