Learn how to handle emergencies involving livestock truck rollovers!   October 20, 2015- Marshall, MN October 21, 2015- Austin, MN Merit Center 1001 West Erie Road Registration 11:30 a.m. Training: Noon to 6:30 p.m. Mower County Fairgrounds 700 12th St. SW Registration: 8:30 a.m. Training: 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.


  • On-the-spot decision making for motor vehicle accidents and emergency situations involving livestock
  • Trailer design and extrication
  • Animal behavior (focusing on hogs, cattle and turkeys)
  • Methods to calm, rescue, capture and temporarily confine animals
  • Laws, ethics and euthanasia protocol
  • How to use a response team/trailer


Provide emergency response personnel, including firefighters, peace officers and livestock owners/truckers with…

  • Information on how to handle livestock in an emergency distress situation
  • Ways to improve animal well-being and enhance the safety of those involved

Accidents involving livestock happen: 

  • Frontline response and rescue teams often have little or no training on how to manage emergency situations involving livestock.
  • The Livestock Truck Rollover Response course addresses an educational need cited by local community emergency teams.
  • Partners who are providing this course are county emergency management teams, Southern Minnesota Association of County Feedlot Officers and the Minnesota Pork Board.

Farmers practice and promote the ethical care and treatment of livestock. Your participation in this animal handling training program improves the care and well-being of livestock should an accident occur.

Who Should Attend?

  • Law enforcement, firefighters, emergency managers and any other county personnel who may respond to a livestock truck rollover.
  • Individuals specializing in livestock transportation.
  • Farm transportation managers.

About the Presenter: IMG_7472

Jennifer Woods is a livestock handling specialist from Blackie, Alberta, Canada, who has been delivering the livestock emergency response course throughout the United States and Canada since 1998. Woods has assisted fire departments and emergency responders at livestock accident scenes and is certified in technical large animal rescue.

Woods also works closely with Alberta Farm Animal Care, teaches safe livestock handling courses to youth and adults, has certified Canadian universities for the Canadian Council on Animal Care, and has developed a livestock behavior and handling curriculum for colleges.

Woods has an animal science degree from Colorado State University, Fort Collins, and has extensive experience with cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, elk and bison.

Response Trailers – Now Available!

Regions 1 and 5 Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management in cooperation with the Minnesota Pork Board have developed six livestock emergency response trailers that are available in the event of a truck rollover involving livestock.

The trailers are located in Fairmont, Worthington, New Ulm, Pipestone, Granite Falls and Adams. These trainings will be an opportunity for individuals to see the trailers and handle the available equipment.

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Source: Minnesota Pork Board Website