Truman Fire Department Generator Preserves Life of Hogs During Power Outage

Source: Truman Tribune

Just a couple weeks ago during the “great April blizzard”, Christensen Farms lost power to multiple area buildings that held tens of thousands of hogs. The company was already running six generators, but one building holding around 2,000 head of hogs in Heron Lake was still without power. Christensen Farms’ Construction Site Supervisor Brett Meyeraan happened to be in BoeKett in Fairmont and mentioned they were still without power and looking for generators.

Through speaking with BoeKett employees and Truman Fire Department (TFD) members Brandon Mosloski and Derek Landon, Meyeraan and learned of the fire department’s generator. About one year ago the TFD acquired a large generator from the DNR through the Department of Defense. The barely used generator, which new would have cost upwards of $50,000, was purchased for $1,000. Between being used at the school in Granada after the tornado, and now in Heron Lake for the power outage at the hog facility, it has more than made up the money it cost. The generator ran for around 72 hours at the Christensen Farms location, preserving the life of thousands of hogs.

On Friday, Meyeraan met up with Landon, Ron Kelley and Mosloski at the Truman fire hall to present the department with a thank you letter, monetary donation and pork gift basket, Meyeraan relayed to the TFD that Christensen Farms wished to offer the department a big “thank you for the support of our farms.”  Christensen Farms went on to state, “Mother nature has certainly given us a run for our money this year, but it seems that’s when we see communities come together and support each other. We are so incredibly grateful for your generosity with the generator. You saved animals with your support. Thank you for your generosity and service!”


PHOTO: Christensen Farms’ Construction Site Supervisor, Brett Meyeraan, was happy to hand over a thank you letter, monetary donation and pork gift basket to the Truman Fire Department (TFD). From (L-R) Truman Fire Fighter Derek Landon, Meyeraan, Truman Fire Department Assistant Chief Ron Kelley and Truman Fire Department Captain Brandon Mosloski.