Topigs Norsvin hosted the third World Pork Event on November 13, 2014 in Berlin, Germany. This event brings leading pork producers and integrations from around the world together to share information and developments and to also network.

The Topigs Norsvin Event is organized in the same week as Europe’s most important trade fair for animal production. Euro Tier has all you want to know about cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep and aquaculture, the latest in machinery and equipment, trends in animal husbandry, management and services. (

This years’ theme of the event was focused around “Pork and Pork Quality” where Christensen Farms (CF) was invited to present amongst hundreds of industry experts from around the world. Glenn Stolt, Christensen Farms’ Chief Executive Officer, focused his presentation on the U.S. and Global Marketplace in conjunction with CF’s history, future vision and integrated models creating pork value. Stolt was joined by other CF members Greg Howard (Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Logistics) and Lynn Christensen (CF Owner and Board Member).

Topigs International and Norsvin International recently merged into a new company with the name of Topigs Norsvin. The merger of these two companies has resulted in a world-leading, farmer-owned, swine genetics’ company. Christensen Farms relationship with Norsvin International in the past, remains today with Topigs Norsvin in the organizations continued efforts to improve and sustain its elite swine genetics program leading to the production of safe, affordable, high quality pork for the noble purpose of providing food to a growing world.