On Tuesday, September 22, Christensen Farms’ CEO, Glenn Stolt, and Vice President of Production, Jeff Rusch, presented at the Allen D. Leman Conference, an annual educational event for the global swine industry.

“Evolution and Change – Preparing for Tomorrow” – the title and focus of Stolt and Rusch’s message to the audience. A conference that is internationally acclaimed for bringing science-driven solutions to the complex challenges the industry faces, Stolt and Rusch provided a broader view of additional challenges the industry faces, which included organizational development, setting strategic priorities, amongst other similar topics that are and will be critical to the success of Christensen Farms and companies alike.

Glenn and Jeff_Leman Conference

Stolt (left) and Rusch discuss the importance of being prepared for whatever may come your company/operation’s way.

“We never expected to have to deal with what we did in 2012,” Stolt says of the passing of CF founder Bob Christensen. “Every business needs to have a succession plan.”